The Power of Ideation

Do You Want to Become an Innovator in Your Field?

The world has become increasingly interconnected and complex. As a result, those involved in any business practice must continue to develop and refine skills to understand and address the rapid changes in users’ environments and behaviors.

Are you ready to start pushing the boundaries of innovation? Do you want to help people solve problems—perhaps problems they don’t even realize they had?

In the twenty-first century, people expect more from their products and services than they have in the past. People want innovation. They want to be happily surprised. They want to feel as though the companies and businesses they’re supporting are always thinking of ways to serve them better. They want you to be one step ahead.

How do you do that? By embracing the process of ideation.

Whether you’re an individual person contemplating their future, a company creating a new product, a non-profit looking for new avenues of expansion, or an entrepreneur thinking about their next big investment idea, ideation is an important part of the creative process that’s necessary for any business to succeed.

Join me for my The Power of Ideation webinar on Saturday, September 4th at 4:00 pm WAT to learn about what ideation is and discover how you can use this creative process to jump-start your genius, break into new territory, and get a leg up from your competitors.

Meet Teena Ogbugoh, The Facilitator of The Power of Ideation

Teena is the founder of Joan Lugards Consulting Services, a leadership and personal development training and consulting firm in Nigeria.
Teena Ogbugoh is an Executive Director on the John Maxwell Team, a leadership expert, certified coach, trainer and speaker who is licensed by The John Maxwell Team to bring proven leadership strategies and practices on behalf of John Maxwell that organizations would not otherwise have access to. She is certified as a Maxwell Method of DISC human behavioral Consultant. She is also a certified Global Priority Solutions facilitator for roundtable method of leadership values.
She is a solution based servant leader and consultant who helps individuals and organizations to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Through proven and tested training interventions, she is helping people, inspiring them to reach new heights in their life and businesses through changing the mindsets and belief systems.
Teena serves on The President’s Advisory Committee of The John Maxwell Team as a Committee lead for Youth Development and leadership programs. She is the initiator of LIVING LIFE BY DESIGN AND ON PURPOSE PODCAST and she is an OnAir Radio Show host with IBGR, an Internet Radio for Business people.

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Create Space for Something New

Global heavyweights like Google, Apple, and Airbnb have been using ideation and design thinking processes to maintain their status and stay one step ahead of their competitors. If you’re ready to generate ground-breaking solutions by challenging assumptions and moving beyond the obvious, you won’t want to miss out on this webinar.

Ideation is a solution-focused approach to brainstorming and can be used to start a new business, create a new product, come up with new content, or even just broadening your perspective on the world around you. While brainstorming is something that many people are familiar with, ideation takes it one step further by focusing on where a business can add value for their user.

The process of ideation is all about uncovering the missing puzzle piece by widening your scope of understanding. When the ideation process is done well, you’ll find that the piece you’ve been missing could have been sitting in front of you all along.

Are you ready to create a new future for yourself and your industry?

I Can’t Wait to Get Started on Saturday, September 4th at 4:00 pm WAT!