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Why Do You Need To Build Your Brand?

Every professional is selling something to someone. Whether you’re looking for a job, potential clients, or for industry recognition, building a brand is necessary for getting your message out to the right audience.

Think about your favorite companies, or items that your regularly buy. Why do you buy them? Why do you stop at Starbucks in the morning instead of McDonalds? Why do you buy Nike sneakers instead of New Balance?

Maybe on the surface level you believe that the product is truly better, and that’s why you buy it; but you should know that there was also marketing, research, and planning that went into making sure that you became aware of that product, and spent your money on that brand name.

Learn about this process and more during my Build Your Brand Challenge beginning on Thursday, February 11th!

Meet Teena Ogbugoh, The Leader of The Build Your Brand Challenge

Teena is the founder of Joan Lugards Consulting Services, a leadership and personal development training and consulting firm in Nigeria.
Teena Ogbugoh is an Executive Director on the John Maxwell Team, a leadership expert, certified coach, trainer and speaker who is licensed by The John Maxwell Team to bring proven leadership strategies and practices on behalf of John Maxwell that organizations would not otherwise have access to. She is certified as a Maxwell Method of DISC human behavioral Consultant. She is also a certified Global Priority Solutions facilitator for roundtable method of leadership values.
She is a solution based servant leader and consultant who helps individuals and organizations to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Through proven and tested training interventions, she is helping people, inspiring them to reach new heights in their life and businesses through changing the mindsets and belief systems.
Teena serves on The President’s Advisory Committee of The John Maxwell Team as a Committee lead for Youth Development and leadership programs. She is the initiator of LIVING LIFE BY DESIGN AND ON PURPOSE PODCAST and she is an OnAir Radio Show host with IBGR, an Internet Radio for Business people.

Hosted by:

Teena Ogbugoh

Change How People Perceive You

My goal for this event is to help you understand the foundational pieces of building a brand to help insure that you succeed later on as your business grows and flourishes! It’s a delicate balance trying to find the right voice and brand aesthetic that’s both relatable and unique, and I want to help you figure it out.

During this challenge group you’ll learn that creating a brand is a mix of research and analysis, psychology, and creativity. Regardless of your situation, understanding the building blocks to create a brand is essential to stand out in today’s landscape of seemingly endless businesses, companies, and individual personas that jam up our newsfeeds and screens.

Whether you’re a freelance entrepreneur, head of a company looking to attract a new customer base, or anything in between, this event will have something worthwhile to teach you.

Can’t Wait To Share With You Starting On Thursday, February 11th!